Hand Print Canvas Art Keepsakes


Hand print art started out as a fun activity for my two toddlers (then age 2 and 4). Hand printing for fun turned into character portrait gifts for their grandparents and soon quickly grew into gift ideas for others. I had brought my hand print paint kit and canvas to every birthday party my kids were invited to. While they played I would capture the birthday child's hand print and painted it into a keepsake gift right there at the party...and gifted it before the party ended.  

A guest's mommy saw it and asked for one of her own child's print, then another mom asked too, then another.. well.. my love of art accidentally turned into a business and Pattycake Art was created!

Hand print art artwork studio - Martin County
Pattycake Art converts a child's handprint or footprint into a tailored painted scene ready to be displayed! No two prints are ever alike. All designs will vary slightly depending on the print placement, its size, and spacial relationship to the canvas. Give me a handprint (or 2, or a whole family portrait print) and I'll paint you a lifetime keepsake!

Great for Mother's Day, Christmas, or any occasion.

Hand Print Art Animal Elephant Artwork Print

Hand Print Artwork Mermaids of Mommy and me.

Types of Canvas and Prices
Flat Panel Board         or         Museum Wrapped Canvas

Flat panel boards can be framed while the wrapped canvas do not need a framed - Frames are not included

Other special order sizes are available up to 35" x 48" for large group or class handprint portrait.
Wall murals available too!

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List of Designs Available...

Group Portrait Ideas
Herd of elephants Herd of cattle 
Noah's Ark Nativity 
horses in field fish in ocean/aquarium
Flowers and butterfly/bee in a pot/garden 
tools in a tool box cars racing
barn (cow, horse, chicken, pig, farmer)
beach (sun, palm, wave, umbrella, surfboard)
Princess, castle, knight, and fire dragon

...and more.. dont see it here?? Ask me and see if I could create it!!!