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Pattycake  Art

Add a Craft Activity Station to your Party (Craftivity Station)

Rates are based total craft units = (#ofparticipants) x (#ofcraftstations)

ie) 100 estimated children x 3 Craft Activity Station= 300 total craft units X $3 per craft =$900

ie) 20 guest x 2 stations =40 craft units= $200

Bulk rate apply for schools, camps, and other large events

$4/craft unit for 100+ total units

$3.50/craft unit for 200+ total units

$3.00/craft unit for 300+ total units

$2.50/craft unit for 400+ total units

$2/craft unit for 500+ total units

  • Entertain you little guest and keep them busy while I face paint/balloon twist
  • If this is the only service you'd like to hire me for, the minimum is $200 for 1.5 hr time slot.
  • All their crafts go home with them as party favors or keepsakes.
  • Tables provided but the chairs are not.  
  • Parental or adult supervision/help required unless I'm hired to provide Crafting only and no other service.
  • Instructor Assistants are included for larger events wanting to offer 100+ total units 
  • Many of options to choose from or if you have something in mind, ask me

Mix & Match these Crafting Stations

Wooden Beading

Bottle Cap Necklace

Floral Pen/Pencil

Customized Book Markers
Sand Painting 5x7

Sand Bottle Necklace

Sand Bottles

Wood fridge Magnets
Canvas Tiles 4x4

Ornament Making

Ribbon Wands

Themed Small Wood Craft 
Jewelry Making

Ocean Sand/Snow Globe

Wind Chimes

Polaroid Snap w/ DIY Pix Frame

Custom Room Sign

Hanging Planter w/plant

No Sew Throw Pillow