Terms of Services

What’s Included & Safety: I will supply a chair, mirror, paint supplies, brushes, & water bowl.  Ideally an indoor spot or shady location is requested.  If an indoor spot is not available then a shaded or covered area is required to minimize sun or rain exposure to children who often wait in line for their turn.  Please make arrangements with us if these accommodations cannot be arranged so that we may plan accordingly.  Although a chair umbrella is helpful, it is minimal relief from our So. Florida sun, please provide a secure pop-up tent.  If you are planning water activities, (squirt guns, swimming pool, water balloons), or sports (basketball, soccer, football) please arrange for me to paint in an area safely away from these activities.  I love music but do not provide music-but please keep excessively loud DJ/speakers at a safe audible distance.  Face Paint is water soluble & is meant to washable.  It will wash away with water activities or excessive sweating/smearing.  Alternative services such as waterproof face paint, airbrush/glitter tattoos are water resistant & usually take 2-5 days to wear away (Henna wears away in 7-15 days) depending on skin type & care. 

Pace of Services Offered: Traditional artists paint at the rate of approximately 15-20 children per hour. This is considered “fast” or “quick.”  No, I am not superhuman or bionic, & I cannot achieve the impossible.  If you have booked 2 hour of face painting, & you end up with more than expected guest at your party, expect that I will discuss the option of booking extra 15-30 minutes with prorated fees.  If service is completed within the time slotted or scheduled then “second rounds”, “parent participation” or other activities such as balloon twisting, games, &/or crafts shall be offered to fulfill the agreed appointment.  Neither refunds nor pro-rated return fees will be given if I finish “early” or faster than expected or if the guests have no interest in the services offered.  Organize games can vary depending on venue, weather, & space allocation & may include hula hoops, parachutes, miniature golf, corn hole toss, ladder toss, electronic bulls eye, electronic hot potato, etc.  depending on age, group size, & crowd participation.  Parent/Adult participation is highly encouraged.

Crowd Control & Extra Time:  A # line system is used with the Birthday child going first then 1st come/round robin priority or youngest to oldest if they arrive at the same time.  For crowds over 20 children a host appointed line coordinator is suggested to prevent line conflicts & time lost in “searching” for the next child in turn which will result in additional overtime needed & added fees.  Children not present or when their numbered is called shall forfeit their turn to prevent line interruption & excessive time lost.  If time permits, second or even third turns are permitted but only after all 1st turns are completed.  Big “kids” & parents are welcome to have their turn too but please keep in mind that any awaiting children have priority.  Although every effort will be taken to perform within allocated time & budget, occasionally overtime may be requested & is available in 15 minute increments. 

Limitations On Artwork: Artist will not paint on any part of the body that is not legal to expose, or any place she/he does not feel comfortable painting. Artist will not paint any design or wording that is obscene, offensive, & violent or defies good taste. The theme & art type not desired will be established before the artist arrives at event. 

Returned Checks: There will be a $35 fee for returned checks.

Cancellation Fee: If the event is cancelled within 24 hours of start time, there will be a cancellation fee $50 or deposit forfeited.

Sick Artist: Should I get sick or injured; every effort will be made to find a replacement with Affiliates or Sub-contracted artists.

Affiliates/Sub-contract:  I often utilize & work with other local professional face paint artists as assistants or backup vendors.  These artists have been selected & reviewed or interviewed by me & have similar skills, talent, supplies, & work ethics expected in the business.  The Affiliates or Sub-contracted face painter are not employees of Pattycake Art & are not insured by Pattycake Art.   They may also supply their own terms & agreement in addition to this one.

Liability Statement: Artists are not liable for allergic reactions to materials used in painting, such as paint/ink/adhesive/glitter. All materials used are professional cosmetic grade.  Most supplies are manufactured with anti-bacteria/anti-fungal agents.  Participants may be required to wipe their face with a facial wipe/baby wipe prior to painting.   It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the artist if their child has sensitive skin or Latex reactions. For safety reasons, artists will not work on children under two years old without parental approval.  For sanitary reasons, artist will not work on anyone who is or appears to be sick or be suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, any infections or skin conditions, eczema, or open wounds. I or sub-contracted artist(s), are not responsible for damage to clothing, property, or persons. Face paints can be removed with mild soap & water, or baby wipes. Some colors may leave slight temporary color. On occasions we may ask to take a photograph of your child's face, with permission, for advertising & recording purposes.

Release: Their behavior & safety of all children is the Parent’s responsibility.  Artist cannot see, watch, supervise, or babysit other children while he/she is painting.  Please gain permission from the parents of minors to allow me to paint their children & putting a notice in the party invitation is suggested.  Please make parents aware they are allowing me to paint their children at their own risk.

Agreement to these Terms: Professional face painting products are safe for the skin but anyone can have an allergic type of reaction, or other accidents can happen.  Gems are glued to the skin with Latex-free medical grade glue (Pros-aide).  Pattycake Art or sub-contractor is NOT responsible for any injuries, negligence, allergic reactions, or incidences caused by unruly behavior by guests during a party. Client acknowledges that there are risks inherent with live entertainment. These include, but are not limited to, dangers from tripping over equipment, dangers from paint & paint brushes.  Client assumes the liability for all such risks & agrees to indemnify, defend & hold Pattycake Art or sub-contractor & against any & all accidents, claims, judgments, costs or liability for damage, injury to any person or property during the Event including time of set up & take down, by guests & staff. Liability shall not exceed the total value of this agreement.


This will constitute your agreement to all the terms in this agreement.   I look forward to being at your event.

I have read, understand, & accept the above Liability Statement, & the conditions of this agreement. I accept the details of this agreement as accurate & authorize the fees for services.Type your paragraph here.

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Bookings are by appointment only on a first come, first served basis.  Please contact Pattycake ASAP to reserve your party date and time as the weekend appointments fill up quickly and are booked well in advance. Although you can call me for availability and requests, dates are not considered booked until I receive a completed service agreement and $50 refundable booking deposit to hold the date.    2 months advance booking is suggested. 

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