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  • Henna is all natural (Henna, lemon juice, essential oil), all safe stain can last for 5-7 days.
  • Paste applications stays on skin 4 hrs.
  • Great for anyone age 6+.
  • Visit www.hennacaravan.com/facts.html for more details about Henna and it's history.

Add a Canvas Paint Station 

This station is non- instructional and is themed to the event.  Paint Palette and Organza favor bag included.

Or use these cute keepsakes as party favors. 

​$5 / 5"x7"or 6"x6"  Canvas Board 

$8 / 8" x 10"  Canvas Board

$ 6 / 6"x6"  Stretched Canvas 

$10 /  8"x8" Stretched Canvas

$12 / Canvas Board for Personalized  name Zen Doodles

  • Entertain you little guest and keep them busy while I face paint/balloon twist with these canvas 
  • All canvas go home with them as party favors or keepsakes
  • Parental or adult supervision/help required
  • All  supplies are included, tables, brushes, watercolor paint, and flat panel canvas boards.  
  • See photo Gallery for more  samples or my Etsy store.. https://www.etsy.com/listing/257614208
  • Choose from elegant simple designs like cats, dogs, and flowers to 3-4 designs like dragons, tiaras. 
  • Ideal to combine with face painting Mix & Match..
Party Services & Rates

I’m one entertainer for the price of 7+ entertainer all at the same HOURLY RATE. 

Pick one or mix & match (first 3 ↓ are most popular combo) 
$100/hr. - 1 1/2 hr minimum @ 15-18 guests serviced/hr
$85/hr on 4th+ hr. $600 daily rate -8 hr. 20% off for Non-profits
25% off For Face Painting Weekday School or Camp rates until 3pm- Great for school parties

Face Painting
Balloon Twisting

Glitter Tattoos
Henna Body Art
​For more activities at your party..
host aCanvas Paint Partyor add a Mini Paint Stations.

Canvas Paint Parties

$25/Guest (8 minimum) for approx 2 hours of group instructional Painting.

Add $20/Guest 9-25.

Camp rates of 30 or more will vary- call for quote.

Includes personalized aprons keepsakes with 2+weeks notice

  • Paint Party- mobile art studio paint lesson on 16"x 20" canvas party in your home, office, church, or wherever. 
  • Paint Parties are also called: BYOB Canvas Party, Painting with a Twist,  Canvas and Cocktails.
  • Paint Parties come in two different formats: 1) Group class lesson with 1 or two painting direction where all guest paint pretty much the same image using their own style, colors, and techniques.   Start together and end together.  2) Freestyle Format where each child can paint anything they want and I will walk around assisting with artistic direction giving mini one on one lessons base on what that child chose to paint.  They start whenever and finish at their own pace. 2nd paintings are encouraged. 
  • All supplies included - canvas, easels, tables, brushes, paint (not chairs)...full mobile to your location.
  • Hand- painted, personalized aprons are included for Paint Parties with 14+day booking notice.
  • Pre-sketched in pencil canvas for those who need outlined help available on the spot request for freestyle formats.
  • Glitter Tattoos can last 3-4 days.
  • It is waterproof, so great for pool parties.
  • Easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.
  • Applied with professional grade cosmetic glitter  and medical grade glue.  No craft glue is used!  
  • 16 different colors to choose from. 
  • Professional grade theatrical cosmetics are used all from USA known distributors.
  • Choose from small cheek art to full face designs, with gems & pixie dust too.
  • Waterproof face paint is available for pool parties and water related events.
  • Easily washed away with soap and water.
  • Airbrush Face or Body Painting, GloParty Face Painting, and Pre-natal painting also available.

Pattycake  Art