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Reaction to Acrylic Paint!!  

Why Choose a Professional?

Face painting, glitter tattoos, temporary tattoos, gestational belly painting, hair feathers, henna, and body art are all wonderful and visually creative ways to add color and vibrancy to your event. I appreciate that with the current state of the economy clients are looking for cheaper artists, but the pitfalls of this may be that you book someone without experience of busy corporate events, who cannot cope with crowd demands or who produces poor quality work.  I  train quarterly with world renowned artists in the trade or in person via conventions, classes, or via trade membership webinars and videos.  

Professional artists may seem expensive but when you book a professional, you can be assured that they will abide to a strict code of professional conduct and training which means that you won't see me using cheap, dirty materials and risking cross contamination or painting customers in circumstances where it is inappropriate to paint.  Not all face painters use professional grade face paint nor do they properly clean their brushes, wash water, sponges.  All of my skin application products are from USA distributors that are internationally known in the trade and never use direct import from unknown companies. Make your event memorable for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.  


1. Always use professional, cosmetic-grade, make-up quality face paints, never art or craft paints. Non-toxic does Not mean skin-safe!
2. Do not paint a child with a cold sore, skin rash, runny nose, etc.
3. Use clean supplies: Wash containers, brushes and sponges thoroughly after each session, and keep them clean and rinsed often during the session.
4. Change brush water frequently. 
5. Be extra careful when painting near the eyes, especially on very young children and those unable to keep still. Many painters will not paint a child under age 3.
6. Wipe dirt, food, mucous from a child (preferably have parent or the child do so) before painting.
7. Do not add disinfectant to the water as the paint already contains agents which act against yeast, mold and bacteria.
8. Children must be Supervised at all times by parent, caregiver, or host. Face Painter is not responsible for babysitting children, though painter will do utmost to keep child being painted as safe as possible. Painter can only watch the one child being painted.
9. For the safety and well-being of painter and child being painted, painter reserves right to refuse service to anyone deemed rude or threatening in any way, or to refuse to paint any body part that they are not comfortable painting.
10. Be kind, cheerful, friendly and wear a smile as much as possible.

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